Pin Minnow

Welcome to the world of the Pin Minnow. This bait measures around 1.3" in length and is truely a "one size fits all" panfish bait. Its size lends itself to being a dynamic sunfish plastic and will also tease the toughest lipped crappies into hitting. Even perch will find this plastic a tempting morsel. While being a great open water plastic, the winter angler can find favor in this one while targeting active crappies under the ice.

The Pin Minnow looks a lot like its larger cousin the Shimmy Shad and other than size, only the tail sets the two apart. The plastic formula used to make this bait allows for a superior tail action while still affording a toughness highly desirable by panfish anglers. The pin Minnow is a super soft bait and the eys give it a life-like action that isn't found in any of the commercial baits.

These are hand made plastics and the colors are hand blended to create a bait for any color of water at any time of year. Like all other plastics found here at CrappieTomTackle, all components are American made. The colors on this page reflect only a handful of those which can be made available.

The pin Minnow fishes easily under a float and equally as easy on a free line. Drifting these on a loose line can be bad news for suspended fish. A recommended jig is the 1/32 size with a #6 Sickle hook for a little extra clearance, but a 1/32 sporting a #8 Sickle hook is just as catchy....pun intended.

These baits, like all Crappie Tom plastics, have been thoroughly field tested. The Pin Minnow fills a size niche that is left empty in the realm of commercial products and the eyes set a new standard in super soft plastics and at a price that is substantially lower than commercial products of similar design....to which there are basically no of available in this area. Being hand crafted just is frosting on this piece of cake.

We here at Crappie Tom Tackle are excited about being able to offer these to you. These are just one of those plastics that have a definite place in all tackle boxes."